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flecha dcha Dinosaurs and birds-> (129)
flecha dcha Mammals-> (57)
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flecha otra Fishes (27)
flecha otra Invertebrates (51)
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1 x Carcharocles Megalodon
1 x Lepisosteus strausi
1 x Onchopristis
1 x Gyrodus circularis
1 x Carcharocles Megalodon
1 x Coccoderma sp.
1 x Sparnodus micracanthus
1 x Lepidotes elvensis
1 x Platax plinianus
1 x Carcharocles Megalodon
1 x Carcharocles Megalodon
1 x Archaephippus asper
1 x Homoeosaurus maximiliani
1 x Platecarpus ictericus
1 x Harpactognathus gentryii
1 x Campylognathoides liasicus
1 x Gallodactylus suevicus
1 x Thalassomedon hanningtoni
1 x Platecarpus ictericus
1 x Pterodactylus kochi
1 x Pterodactylus elegans
1 x Dimetrodon limbatus
1 x Pterodactylus elegans
1 x Pterodactylus elegans
1 x Pterodactylus antiquus
1 x Scaphognathus crassirostris
1 x Dimetrodon
1 x Rhamphorhynchus muensteri
1 x Pterodactylus antiquus
1 x Inostrancevia alexandri
1 x Rhamphorhynchus gemmingi
1 x Platecarpus planifrons
01.Willendorf goddess
02.Velociraptor mongoliensis
03.Rosetta stone
04.Homo habilis
05.Brassempouy goddess
06.Homo heidelbergensis
07.Tyrannosaurus rex
08.Homo neanderthalensis
09.Tyrannosaurus rex
10.Archaeopteryx lithographica
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Vestonice goddess
I have bought a large number of Venus's from Paleomundo. ..
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